Download Toonpur Ka Superrhero (2010) Hindi Full Movie 480p | 720p

Download Toonpur Ka Superrhero (2010) Full Movie 480p & 720p

Movie Info:

Movie Name: Toonpur Ka Superrhero
Language: Hindi
Released Year: 2010
Quality: 480p & 720p – BluRay
Format: MKV


The story is based on Aditya Kumar (Ajay Devgn), a famous actor who plays a very famous superhero on TV and acts in films as well. He lives in a nice villa of sorts with his family, which consists of his wife, Priya, and two children; Kabir and Raima. He frequently tries to explain to his son that all cartoons are fake and that he shouldn’t waste his time watching them. Kabir gets irritated, and one night tells him that he is a “fake” hero too, for his stunts are performed by doubles.

Feeling humiliated, he leaves home and is soon kidnapped by the cartoons his son watches. They kidnap him for they overhear two people talking and saying that Aditya is a famous hero. This kidnapping is done through a series of underground mazes, tunnels, and sewers. On waking up, he finds himself in an animated world. A group of cartoons greets him, identifying themselves as “Devtoons” i.e. the good cartoons. They try to convince Aditya to fight Jagaro, a powerful villain, to protect their existence and save their King. This is followed by a song, “Jeetoge Tum”.

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