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Full Name: International Khiladi 1999 Movie Free Download DVDRip
Quality: 480p | 720p BluRay
Genres:  Action, Crime, Drama
Release Date: 26 March 1999
Language: Hindi
Cast:  Akshay Kumar, Twinkle Khanna, Rajat Bedi


Worldwide crime bosses elect Devraj as the new chairman of their organization. This news gets to the police so much that when Inspector, Amit’s childhood friend, Ravi is found dead and his sister, Payal is kidnapped the suspension goes towards Devraj. Searches conducted by the police at Devraj’s locations meet with considerable progress when they manage to rescue Payal albeit in a critical state as well as arrest Devraj in the process. Devraj is placed before the court of law where-by he is sentenced to death as Payal testify against him. It was also found out that Payal and Devraj were once in love with each other while she happens to get an interview from him during her employment as a television reporter. The situation twists when a hospital patient who happens to be the uncle of Devraj convinces him as well as the law that he had been framed for someone else crime thus Devraj is acquitted and must now begin a quest to find out who framed him and why.—Gavin ([email protected])

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