Download Henna (1991) super hit movie – Rishi Kapoor – Zeba Bakhtiar


Orphan Chander Prakash is employed as a menial laborer in a timber mart; he meets with wealthy Chandni only to fall in love with her and the marriage is arranged with the blessings of Chandni’s parents. Unfortunately on the day of the marriage Chander meets with a vehicle accident and is believed to be dead but in reality, he is rescued from drowning by a gypsy, Henna Khan who reside in Jhelum, Pakistan with her widowed father, Khan Baba; three brothers Ashraf, Razzak, and Zaman along with Razzak’s wife Najma. Chander is a nurse by Henna and the village doctor, Bibi Gul until his health improves and he is able to use his legs to move around. Unfortunately, Chander suffers from memory loss and is able to retain only the word, ‘Chand’ short for Chandni so much that Henna and her loved ones start to call him Chand. Meanwhile Henna starts to fall in love with Chand and their marriage is arranged only to invite the wrath of police officer Shahbaaz Khan who himself has already married twice and now wants to marry Henna as the Shariat law state that an individual can marry four times. Ironically on the day of Chand and Henna’s wedding, he manages to regain his memory and confesses his Hindu identity to the community thus Khan Baba decides to make all arrangements to send him back to Hindustan. Before Chand can cross the Pakistan border he is apprehended by Shahbaaz Khan only to prove to be a traitor send down by the Indian Government to spy on the Pakistanis.—Gavin ([email protected])

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