Background Sound Recorder v2.48 [Paid] [Latest] –

Record everything that your phone’smicrophonepicks up, while still using the phone as usual. Therecording isdone in the background. It will not stop until you tellit to stop.It will re-start itself if the phone reboots. No pushingof volumebuttons three times, no intricate procedures to start andstoprecording! No accidental recording or accidental failure torecord!

Just open the app and click either Start or Stop. Click theHomebutton to hide the app in the background, while itisrecording.

BSR has a special feature lacking in many other covertsoundrecording apps: FTP uploading! If you set up your own FTPserverand enter its hostname, login name, and password to BSRsettings,BSR will be able to upload each recorded file to that FTPserver.This opens endless possibilities for audio surveillance andaudiodocumenting.

BSR can be set up to keep your phone’s internal storagememoryfrom running out. Just set the maximum folder size, and BSRwilldelete the oldest recordings as soon as the folder size exceedsthemaximum.

BSR can be set up to record by schedule. Set the Start AtandStop At times and click Start Recording. It will wait untiltheStart At time, record until the Stop At time, and then waitagain.This cycle will repeat forever, or until the device breaksdown, oruntil you click Stop.



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